Tuesday, October 04, 2011

‘Every exit has an entrance’

S. SreesanthHe’s a livewire on the field and also the only fast bowler to come out of Kerala.
Sreesanth, who’s been preparing for the upcoming West Indies tour in November, paid a visit to SSVM World School’s annual day function in Coimbatore.
Talking about the recent lack of fitness of the national players, he says that every cricket player only wants to do his best and the physical condition should be ignored.
Sreesanth feels that while the IPL is a great platform for youngsters which gives them a chance to meet and play with some of the best players in the sport, playing for the country is an altogether different feeling. “The whole country gets tense with you. It’s a different high,” he says.
When asked about the controversy surrounding Shoaib Akthar’s book, Sreesanth immediately reacts, “It is terrible to attack a fellow player on a personal level, that’s like punching below the belt.”

Few know this, but Sreesanth is a drummer who has a band of his own and is a laptop DJ as well.
He hopes to take up music seriously once he retires from cricket. Apart from that he loves cars and is the proud owner of a Honda Civic and a Yamaha R1.
He also has a Hummer and a BMW X6 that broke down on his way to the event.
When it comes to food Sreesanth says, “With the amount I travel it’s always great to go back home and eat mom’s cooking. My grandmom who made great food passed away a couple of years ago. If it wasn’t for family I wouldn’t be here today.”
Sreesanth reminisces about his journey into cricket: “I travelled almost 36 hours from my hometown to Bengaluru to play cricket when I was a youngster. My dad gave me my independence and sports brought out the best in me.”
He also had a message for the youth in his own style: “Every exit has an entrance somewhere else.”

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