Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Indian bootleggers face death sentence

Two Indian bootleggers have been sentenced to death and nine others jailed for life by a UAE court after they were convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing two of their male compatriots.
The case dates back to 2009 where 13 defendants, 12 Indians and a Pakistani, were accused of kidnapping two Indian men, stabbing them with sharp tools. Then five of the defendants gang-raped the victims, who were buried in a hole.
The Dubai Appeal Court yesterday overturned the primary verdict, in which one man was sentenced to death and 12 others were jailed for life, the Gulf News reported.
"The court has canceled the primary judgment. Two defendants have been sentenced to death. Two other defendants will face 15 years in jail. Meanwhile, nine defendants face a life imprisonment," Judge Eisa Al Sharif ruled.
Prosecutors said all the accused, aged between 20 and 30, kidnapped the Indian victims and stabbed them with knives, swords and cleavers and battered them with iron bars before five of the defendants raped the victims, the paper said.
The prosecutors said the defendants buried the victims in a hole after the attack. All the convicts were additionally charged with disposing the bodies of the victims. Some of the defendants were charged with consuming liquor also.
An Emirati policeman had testified that they were warned that two Indian men were kidnapped as part of bootlegging rivalry between two gangs. The verdict came weeks after 17 Indians escaped the gallows for killing a Pakistani national by paying the blood money. They are yet to return home.

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