Friday, October 28, 2011

Poised to sizzle this season

Shah Rukh Khan, Suriya sivakumar, Vijay.
Diwali could spell success with a capital ‘S’ for Hansika, the hot and happening girl in K’town, as all eyes turn to her Diwali release Velayudham with Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay.
The vivacious girl’s glam quotient is said to be one of the highlights of the flick. With the kind of feedback she’s already begun getting, Hansika says she is thrilled as well as excited.
She’ll be celebrating Diwali with her family in Mumbai. “The Diwali fever started from Sunday. Lots of my good friends, including Tamannah, are sending me messages wishing me for my ‘big day’.
Normally, I don’t watch my films in the theaters. Only my mother watches them on the first day, first show and gives her comments.

Velayudham is special to me and so this time I have decided to go to the theater to observe the audience mood and reactions. There are a lot of Tamilians in Mumbai and Velayudhamis being released here in the city in a big way.
But I will just watch the fans and slip away quietly without seeing the film.” On her Diwali plans: “We will have a family get-together and perform the Lakshmi pooja at home. I will also go to the mandhir. Later in the evening we are planning a rocking bash at home, where our friends will gather to celebrate.
Bebo’s diwali away from home
Diwali has always been a very special festival for me.
We enjoyed this festival a lot when we were kids. It used to mean bursting crackers, visiting family and dressing up.
Slowly and gradually, Diwali has become more important as I perform puja even if I am not at home. Also, this is one festival when all the family members come together and so I always like to be home for Diwali.
At times, because of my tight schedule I have missed celebrating Diwali at home. Ra.One has its premiere in London so this year too I shall miss celebrating Diwali at home. I have plans to visit Madame Tussauds when in London.
As he waits expectantly for his biggest Diwali release 7 Aum Arivu, Suriya Sivakumar spills the beans on his film in an exclusive interview to DC.
“Even before starting the film,” says the actor for whom ‘success’ has become a middle name, “The character Bodhydharman narrated by Murugadoss gave me nightmares! I was completely nervous and kept wondering, the kind of martial arts I was told about — would I be able to perform? In fact, I wanted to escape without informing Murugadoss,” he laughs.
Despite expectations mounting with each successive release, the actor doesn’t feel the heat.
“I think that’s how it should be! Unless you come out of your comfort zone, it is not possible for your projects to become bigger and more successful. And when people like it, it becomes a benchmark. 7 Aum… was one experience where I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone.”
Suriya considers himself blessed to get original, out-of-the-box scripts from every filmmaker who approaches him.
“I cannot attribute my success to just myself alone. Every director has given me a certain distinctiveness.
When they come to me, they raise the bar and want to think one level above my previous films. I call it a blessing.
”The actor has grown to a level that has been equated to superstars. He shies away from this. “First of all I am not to be compared to superstars Rajini sir and Kamal sir, who have made a huge contribution to Tamil cinema. I adore them and respect them.
They have shown us the way and we are all just following.”
The biggest critic of the star hails from his ‘home sweet home’. “I go by Jo’s verdict and I take her critical comments seriously.
I always have the reality check with her. In fact, I discuss everything with her. More than my wife, she’s my best friend”, he admits happily, as he waits for whatever Diwali may bring at the BO…
This Diwali is very special, as Ra.One is releasing. Apart from that, I always relished eating good food and meeting friends during Diwali.
When I was a child, I got burnt while bursting crackers, so I don’t burst crackers anymore.
My kids do play with them, though. I recommend that crackers shouldn’t be burst. You can celebrate Diwali in other ways like eating good food, giving and receiving blessings, doing charity, enjoying yourself and even resting.
You can light diyas in your house too. We were not very rich and celebrated Diwali normally.
With my kids, we perform puja at home and ask them to keep away from crackers but they do burn few sursuris! This Diwali, of course, do watch Ra.One with your family. I wish a very happy Diwali to everyone.

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