Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thousands of children initiated into world of letters

Thiruvananthapuram, Thursday, October 6, 2011: Thousands of children were initiated into the world of letters on Thursday at public functions organised by religious, educational institutions, charitable organisations, cultural and media establishments across the city as part of the Vidyarambham ritual marking the conclusion of the Navaratri festival.
The elders held the hands of small children and helped them write their first alphabets in a plate of rice grains.
The word Harisree rent the air as children in keeping with the traditional custom wrote it on rice with their right index finger before repeating it after their ‘gurus’ who introduced them to the world of letters. Besides, the letter was also inscribed on their tongues with golden rings.
Parents with children turned up in large numbers for the vidyarambham functions at many places. Cutting across religious lines, Christians joined Hindus in the celebration as many churches organised the ceremony for children in their community.

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