Sunday, October 09, 2011

When sky is the limit!

When sky is the limit!
For the past few years, the first week of October has been sporting a festive spirit on Chennai’s Elliot’s beach.
‘Chennai Heat Ultimate Frisbee,’ the only national level beach Ultimate Frisbee tournament in India is set to start from October 6 to 8.
Ultimate Frisbee is already a huge thing in the Eastern coast of USA, Japan and other South East Asian and European countries. The non-fussy and easy to learn sport is clearly catching up in India, more particularly in Chennai.
Pattu Subramaniam, who works for BMW and represents team Chakra, one of the 15 national teams registered for the event says, “First of all, there are many types of Frisbee games, and Ultimate Frisbee is the most popular version that has its own set of rules, and is popular among several nations.”
The game, played mostly on grass, is adapted to the beach environs, best fit for our city. Each team has twenty or more people, out of which seven on each side come to the field.
The others can chip in as replacements if anyone is hurt or tired. Since it is a non-contact sport, the Frisbees are only passed deftly among players, without touching other players.
The objective is to pass the Frisbee to the scoring end by tricking and tackling the opponents. Prathap Gandhi, who is a managing professional, says, “It is a great stress buster. I am happy that the government has recognised the sport and providing permissions to conduct it.”
It is compulsory for each team to have two women players. Lakshmi Priya, who plays for one of the teams says, “We often make the difference between victory and heartbreak in a close match.” Anjana, who plays for ‘Stall 7’ says, “Lots of women are passionate about the game. Awareness has set in and I only hope that it reaches more women in our country.”
S. Kumaran, a member of team ‘Spinergy’ from Auroville has an interesting view of the game. “The prize money is small, the sport could turn aggressive and teams could get uncommunicative with other teams.”
But Pattu Subramaniam counters saying, “Full of fun and laughter, this game’s social nature is a tad more than its competitive elements. The game also offers no individual credits to any outstanding performer.”
Says Anand Rajan, “The sport has made me take quick decisions in life and be more committed in whatever I do

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