Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sketch of eyewitness in Valakom incident released

The police team investigating the case relating to the alleged assault on a RVHSS school teacher (Krishnakumar) at Valakom, has prepared the sketch of the eyewitness in the case on Sunday.
Krishnakumar was found in a serious condition on the roadside at Valakam in Kollam district in the wee hours of September 27 by the eyewitness and informed to the near by shop. The eyewitness had also informed the shop owner that he had noticed something falling out from a white car.
Meanwhile DGP Jacob Punnose said today that the complaint filed by the family of RVHSS school teacher Krishnakumar, who was allegedly attacked by a gang of assilants at Valakom, will be considered seriously.

Speaking to the reporters here on Sunday, DGP added that the probe team had clear-cut picture about the Valakom incident. The ongoing investigation was progressing based on the scientific evidences gathered by the police, DGP said.
The victim’s wife Geetha, who is also a teacher of the same school owned by jailed ex-Minister R Balakrishna Pillai had given a complaint to DGP stating that the ongoing investigation was not at all satisfactory.
Geetha, had said that her husband has, of late, been not on good terms with the school management. Krishnakumar was involved in a running battle with the school management and is the prime witness in a vigilance case against it for irregularities. His wife Geetha became headmistress of the school after winning a court case against the management.
Police team is now probing the possibilities of a road accident in which Krishnakumar might have sustained serious injuries. The teacher is now under treatment at the  here.

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