Friday, October 14, 2011

Acer Allegro Smartphone Soon

Acer AllegroSince the launch of the Acer Company, the company has witnessed unprecedented growth especially in the notebooks as well as the computer segment. This growth helped this company to reach the No.2 position in the world in the selling of its notebooks as well as PC's worldwide. Acer has already started looking in to the ever booming Smartphones market for a short while to establish a similar presence as they did in the notebooks segment. The latest to be launched by Acer Allegro smartphone which is based on Windows 7.5 Mango operating system. The smartphones is expected to hit the Indian market by the end of this year. It has the recognition of being the second windows based device to arrive in the market after the Acer's NEO Touch.

The smartphone is a combination of several standard as well as advanced features. The looks of Acer Allegro smartphone is absolutely convincing with a very smooth surface finish on the panel of its body. It is expected to arrive with a standard 3.7 inch display that makes use of the LCD touch screenfacility that has a screen resolution of 480*800 pixels. Another remarkable feature in Acer's allegro smartphone is that it can generate close to 16 million colors.

Acer Allegro smartphone comes with the advanced processor that makes use of 1 GHz Snap dragon processor that is assisted by Adreno 205 GPU. It also is expected to come with a RAM capacity of 512 MB. It has an internal memory of a whopping 8 GB including the memory space of the Windows 7.5 mango operating system. Camera features are absolutely mind blowing with high and superior quality pictures can be generated using the 5 mega pixel camera. But the presence of flash is absent in this in built camera. One of the advantages of this camera is that it provides high definition videos with a recording specification of 720p.

Acer allegro smartphones is also expected to come with the standard messaging as well as e-mail features. MicroUSB chord connectivity is also provided. Other connectivity includes Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. The smartphone is further enhanced by the presence of a 3.5mm audio jack. The smartphone also will comprise of the usual music player as well as video player functions and also the popular FM radio applications. It also is expected to support 802.11 b/ g/ n wireless LAN connectivity. The smartphone is also expected to come with GPS navigation system. 3G features are also expected to arrive integrated in this smartphone.

The price of Acer Allegro Smartphones is around Rs.15, 800 and the smartphone is expected to make its debut in India by the end of the November month.

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