Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Real heroes for 'kolus'

The fancy kolus on display.
The fancy kolus on display.
The impact of the 24 hour news services seems to be having its effect on our tradition of decorating planks with kolus.
On one hand we see Anna Hazare sitting daintily wearing his Gandhi topi and on the other hand we see dolls dressed up in yellow jerseys, depicting CSK in full action.

Chitrra, the event organiser of a kolu activity held at Island Grounds, says, “We have a lot of innovativekolus this years and youngsters this time have taken special interest in current affairs. The Champions League T20 seems to have inspired a lot of kolus too. A lady has made models on eco-friendly houses conveying the need to tackle the issue of global warming.”
The participants, who were mostly school students, made dolls of CMs of Tamil Nadu, and Prime Ministers of India among others.
We always have our mythological heroes on display but this time we have our national hero on display — Anna Hazare.
“We don’t just have Anna Hazare, we also have models of jailed politicians tool,” says Srimathi Venkatachari, a resident of Anna Nagar.
She adds, “My mother, Saroja Venkatachari, has been doing this for years and she ensures that we depict things concerning current issues in the country. We buy the usual dolls and redesign them according to our theme. For instance, we made a special khadi kurta and Gandhi topi to give it the Hazare look.”
Youngsters too enjoy being associated with kolus. “We have learnt enough about the relevance of mythological characters in golus but it is always fun to see innovative models with new themes. My friends love coming to our place because we make different kinds of kolus. This time we had dolls of our favorite football players and a kolus of Nadal,” says Abhisek Murali, a standard 1 student.

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