Sunday, August 26, 2012


New Delhi: Just like all legendary tales start... On November 16, 2011 a certain absurd sounding tune went viral immediately after its release, across India, across the world.

Will Dhanush's new song-commercial be the next 'Kolaveri Di'?Why this Kolaveri Di - meaning 'Why do you have this murderous rage against me?' - a composition by none-other-than superstar Rajinikanth's son-in-law Dhanush, got 3.5 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on Facebook, and trended first on Twitter in India within the first week of its release. It became the top downloaded song on cellphones with 2,10,000 downloads within the first 18 days. It was also the first Tamil song to premiere on MTV India.
The song was everybody's facebook status, everybody's caller tune, everybody's anthem. Dhanush and 'Kolaveri Di' earned the hall of fame status amongst the popular Rajinikanth jokes. With its relaxed rhythm, lullaby melody and outrageously funny Tamil-English or 'Tanglish' lyrics, it was hard to put it off the loop mode.
Across the world, and especially in Asia, people pursued it with unrelenting passion and tweaked it into countless versions, so much so that by 2012, the song and all of its versions combined had 50 million YouTube views.
So it was no surprise that Dhanush's new song-commercial for a the compact car TATA Nano, released just 5 days ago, has already got more than 400,000 YouTube views. The commercial features Dhanush himself saving a girl's life by rescuing her from a roadblock and rushing her to the hospital in his compact car. Find out here if the song gives you the same vibes that were once felt with Why this Kolaveri Di.

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