Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friday (2012) Malayalam Movie Review Aggregator

Friday’, directed by Lijin Jose has an ensemble star castwith such names as Fahad Fazil, Nedumudi Venu, Asha Sarath, Prakash Bare, Ann Augustine, Manu and several others. The film has generated mixed reports all over. Take a look!
Nowrunning says its could have been better, but that it is good, as it is: “‘Friday’, more than everything else, presentsan enterprising director, who has an eye for fine cinema. With a little more compactness and finesse, it could have turned out even better; as such, it remains a fine watch.”
Rediff says there is nothing new about it: “The latest person to join the multiple narrative bandwagon is debutante director Lijin Jose with his film Friday 11.11.11 Allapuzha, where he tells the story of a few characters on that peculiar day and how their destinies are connected. In the end, we can say that Friday 11.11.11 Allapuzha directed by newcomer Lijin Jose with an ensemble cast is passable as there seems to be an overdose of stories of similar kind.”
Sify calls it average: “In all fairness, Friday can work in parts for all those who are not familiar watchingmovies in this pattern used in films like Amores Perros, Babel, Crash, 21 Grams and some of those Robert Altman gems. But for all those who are familiar with this style of filmmaking, this film looks amateurish and pretentious.”

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