Thursday, August 02, 2012

I am here to stay, says Parvathy Omanakuttan

I am here to stay, says Parvathy OmanakuttanHer film Billa 2 opened with a bang and has been running well in theatres across the state. Parvathy’s performance in particular received rave reviews from urban audiences. Speaking about the journey she says, “It’s a blessing to be a part of an Ajith film especially for a debut. It doesn’t happen to too many girls and I consider myself very lucky.”
Reacting to reports that wrote her off as a flop actress, she says, “I don’t believe in a bunch of people passing judgement on talent. The sample size has to be authentic. Besides, my career graph isn’t relevant enough to hail me or thrash me. I deserve a fair chance and me being so well accepted by the fraternity with my first movie is a clear indication of people’s faith in me.”
Elaborating on her new found celebrity status, she says, “I am learning the Tamil language fast so I can respond to all those who come up to me and speak to me in the language. Especially after the film’s release lots of people come and speak to me and take photographs. It’s touching to see the warmth that films can win you. I am here to stay and will do people who have faith in me proud.”  An avid dance floor junkie, does she choreograph her moves in the industry to climb the ladder? “Not at all. I am truly someone who believes in acting and I know if there’s a role that I can do well, it will come to me. Networking or being nice can only get you to a certain point, beyond that 

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