Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sona nair to act in 'Kapalika (Photos)

Sona Nair, who has mostly portrayed conventional roles on the small and big screen, breaks away from the stereotype inAnavrutayaya Kapalika. She plays a high class sex worker in the telefim by her friend and short filmmaker, Preethi Panicker.
“What attracted me to this film was the treatment of the character Kapalika,” says Sona. The original Kapalika is a play by the late N N Pillai. Later, it was adapted into a movie with the same name, where actress Sheela played the lead.
“In the original, Kapalika, who is cheated by a man, is forced to live the life of a prostitute. But in the telefilm, the character is treated with a lot of positivity. Instead of ending her life, Kapalika decides to live for the sake of other people, and gives away everything she earns as a prostitute to charity. There is also a twist at the end,” says Sona.
The actress says that the character has been portrayed in a sensuous way sans any vulgarity. “Kapalika is an extremely beautiful woman. Her character has been brought out in a subtle way without any skin show,” says Sona and adds that although the theme is decades old, it is still relevant. “Women are still being exploited, however strong they are,” she says.
Director Preethi says the film, which was screened recently in Trivandrum, was well received by the audience. “We will be screening it at festivals and are also thinking of a DVD release,” she says. The 30-minute film has been scripted by Rajeev Gopalakrishnan.

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