Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ranjini Haridas blasts the moral policing trend!

Ranjini Hardias, the most popular television anchor in Malayalam, feels that moral policing stems from the narrow male attitude that they have the right and responsibility to safeguard the women around. Known to be one who neverminces words, Ranjini had a thing or two say about moral policing that is reportedly be on the rise.
Today’s women know to do things own their own and make the choices for themselves, Ranjini opined on a show on television, when she was asked to comment on theincreasing instances of moral policing that have been reported across the state.
Dress cannot be seen as the cause for provocation of unfavourable behavior towards women either, added Ranjini. It is the result of unhealthy mental set up of a few men. Wearing a sari in place of modern dresses does not help. “I think sari is the most provocative among ladies outfits,” the gutsy girl said.

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