Thursday, August 02, 2012

Have A Look At the World's Longest Bus

Have Look At The World S Longest Bu  How long can a bus be? 30 feet? 40 feet? Well the Chinese say 82 feet. Well this is how long the world's longest bus is. The Youngman JNP2650G is the latest innovation in public transportation in China, the world's most populous country. Developed to be part of the bus rapid transit service in China, the Youngman can carry as many as 300 people.
The world's longest bus will be used in Beijing and Hangzhou. Both cities have huge populations and the bus is considered an ideal choice.
The Youngman JNP6250G can be manoeuvred quite easily despite its length as it has two ribbed joint sections. These ribbed sections allow the world's longest bus to turn pretty much like a conventional bus.
Despite its length and size, the Youngman JNP6250G has just 40 seats. The aisle is quite wide which allows for more standing space for people. The longest bus can hit a top speed of 50mph which is more than enough for a city bus.
Chinese transport authorities are planning to have separate lanes for the world's longest bus on highways. The Youngman JNP6250G is a good way of reducing traffic on city roads if people prefer to opt for the bus rather than their own vehicles

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