Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Urvashi's sister Kalpana divorces director Anil

Though rumours of Kalpana and Anil's separation surfaced many times before, Kalpana rubbished it all as rumours. However, it has now come in the open that the relationship they shared has become too bitter to continue on together. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, director Anil said that though they tried to resolve their personal differences, few issues became stronger with each passing day and there was no option other than seeking a divorce.
Although Anil, who has directed films likeMayilpeelikkavu and Uttaman did not mention the reason for their break-up, he hinted that its impossible to live together with the adamant attitude of a partner. He further told the daily that problems in their married life began cropping up from the second month of their marriage itself. When asked if financial issues was the reason behind their split, Anil made it clear that money was not the reason. He said, "Financial security may be important in a marriage. From a single movie, I earn what she does from acting in a dozen movies and TV shows, yet she tries to ridicule me with all those silly remarks. Her recent allegations that I took her gold, etc, are all utter rubbish."

Throwing light on his opinion of marriage, Anil said, "We have been mentally separated for two years and she has been insisting on a break-up but for me marriage is something divine. My personal life hasn't been good in the last two years and Kalpana made the most of it by making these allegations and taking my daughter away from me."

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