Sunday, July 08, 2012

Actress Ananya married Anjaneyan secretly

Ananya's Wedding StillsSources reveal that the marriage was done without the consent of family.Anjenyan and Ananya are staying at Thiruvanathapuram now. They also gave interview on various TV channel confirming the same. However, if things shape up well they are planning to arrange their marriage celebration during Onam season. 

Aanaya will marry her fiance Anjaneyan after he get divorce from his ex wife residing at Kozhikode. She is now busy with her schedules to complete all the films she has committed. In `Nadodi Mannan' she shared screen space with Dileep, In `Raktha Rakshass', she plays the role of a vampire along with Sunny Wayne. In `Mulla Mottum Munthhirichaarum', which is ready to release, Ananya is handling an important role. In Tamil movie `Iravum Pakalum', she is the heroine of Mahesh.
Ananya Shows Red All Rumors Actress Marry Anjaneyan 2 ananya denies rumors 3

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