Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Njanum Ente Familyum – Jayaram New Film-Movie Review

Njanum Ente Familyum, directed by KK Rajeev is his first directorial debut. Though Rajeev has made many good serials, it is the first time that he is venturing into directing films and that lack of experience shows!

Njanum Ente Familyum, scripted by Cherian Kalpakavady is extremely predictable. Though the film tries to hold our attention in the first half, director KK Rajeev loses complete dimension in the second half and the film becomes a drag. It becomes difficult to sit through the entire movie.

Njanum Ente Familyum bears a lot of resemblance to the Hindi film Dil Ek Mandir, directed by CV Sridhar and released in 1963. The film was remade in Malayalam as Hridayam Oru Kshethram (1976) starring Madhu, Sri Vidya and Raghavan. 

Visuals by Vaidy S Pillai and music by MG Sreekumar is good. 
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