Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Autocad Drawing in Mobile Phone

We’ve made some changes to the AutoCAD WS mobile app and the latest version is available now. You can get the app for iOS from the App Store and you can  download the Android version from the Android Market.
For a brief overview of the new features check out this video:

Layers Support

With the latest version of AutoCAD WS for Mobile you can now turns layers on and off manually from within the app. This gives you greater control over the way you view your design. Each layer is marked with a lightbulb icon which can be switched on or off to indicate whether the layer is active or not.
We have also made sure that any colors that have been used in layers during the creation of your design will be automatically available for selection from your Color palette.

Accurate Input
For the first time in AutoCAD WS, you can now enter the precise length you want for a line, polyline or the radius of a circle. When creating one of these objects, you can pull up the number pad and manually enter the length you want.
Similarly, you can manually enter the precise distance you want to want to move or copy a selected object. You can also enter the angle you wish to rotate an object.

Area Measurement

Area Measurement simply enables you to get an accurate account of your drawing wherever you are accessing AutoCAD WS. Using the Area Measurement tool you can describe an specific area on your design by tapping for each vertex and AutoCAD WS will instantly calculate its area and perimeter.
Area Measurement works in conjunction with the magnifying glass so that a long tap on the screen will allow you to identify and then snap to the exact point, vertex or circle center that you want.

File Management

We have added some basic file management functionality to the AutoCAD WS mobile app. You can now save a copy of your design and continue working with it in a different version. You can also rename any of your files. These changes will be made to the files in your autoCAD WS online account and will be reflected wherever you access that account.
We have also added the ability to delete files from your AutoCAD WS account using your mobile phone or tablet.

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