Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Agneepath' inspires a murder! 15-Year-Old Boy Stabs His Teacher to Death

Whoever said films are merely entertainment should definitely consider studying this case. On February 9, a 15-year old student stabbed his teacher to death in Chennai and during interrogation has expressed that he was influenced by Bollywood flick 'Agneepath' and by Hrithik's on screen character who avenges his father's death!

Reportedly a spoilt child, he was often scolded by his tutor Maheshwari for his poor performance in exams. Apparently influenced by the violence in 'Agneepath' the boy rushed to a classroom where Maheshwari was waiting for her students to assemble, slit her throat, apart from stabbing her in the chest and abdomen!

The incident took place in St Mary's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School in Chennai, and Maheshwari who was rushed to the hospital passed away on the way. What's even more shocking is that the child did not even attempt to flee from the event!  He is currently in the custody of city police.

'Agneepath' was given a UA certificate and in fact the posters read: This film is certified UA, we advise parental guidance due to violence in the film'. UA certificate means parental guidance for children below 12 years of age and it may be mentioned we're discussing a 15 year old here. However, it will be fair if parents decide whether their child can be exposed to such violence based on the kid's mindset even if they are more than 12 years of age...

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