Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Car Runs on Wine, Cheese and Chocolate

Wine CarAt a time when fuel prices have become a topic of conversations across all places, several new innovations are being showed that make the necessity of conventional fuel irrelevant. There are several innovators who have developed alternative fuelled cars that can run on a diverse variety of fuels.

At a time when we consider cars running on alternative fuels as just concepts, in reality there are many production ready vehicles that can run on eco friendly materials. One such example is a Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel that is capable of running on not just regular petrol but also wine, chocolate and cheese. Yes that is correct. The engine of the Lotus Exige has been modified to handle a diverse variety of fuels.

This experimental Lotus can run on ethanol derived from unusable wine and whey, a bi-product of cheese and chocolate production. The fuel to be used can be considered a little more expensive than regular fuels but it is a start. This car was displayed in the UK as part of the Price of Wales' environmental initiative.

Several alternative fuel using cars participated in a rally from Oxford to Central London. Here are some of the notable ones. The Lightning GT is an electric car that can run for more than 300 kilometres with an electric charge of just ten minutes. Another car is the Biobug, also called as the Dung Beetle as it can run on methane generated from human sewage.

Among the cars that participated in the rally, the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel is the car closest to production. Researchers are continuing their work and a production ready car can hit stands soon. Do not be surprised if you have to drive in to a wine store rather that a petrol bunk to refuel.

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