Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suresh Gopi finds hidden agenda in two-child norm

Expressing strong concern against the suggestion to impose punishments including fine on parents with more than two kids, actor Suresh Gopi said the move smacks of a hidden agenda.

The actor who himself is a father of four children asked,"What now remains to be seen is whether our administrators would dare to implement it. If it gets implemented, will our political leaders with more than two kids resign from their posts?"

When asked about the suggestion that was made before the state government on this regard, he told manoramonline that parents alone have the right to decide on how many children they should have.

He added that the number of children are dwindling in the state as a whole. Whereas the birth rate is not brought down in certain sectors. He wondered why such matters of grave concern are not given due importance.

"Children are our wealth. It is the responsibility of parents to impart proper education and moral values on them. Parents who are striving hard to bring up their kids should be backed by the government and other welfare groups", he said.

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