Sunday, June 24, 2012

The four-year-old girl - After 86 long hours, baby Mahi is dead

Mahi, 4, fell down the borewell on her birthday
 Gurgaon officials said she was dead even before soldiers who had been working non-stop for days finally made contact with the child just after noon.
Backing the military was a group of men adept in digging tunnels and borewells led by a Saurav Khan.

Mahi to be pulled out soon, rescue team reaches trapped girl in borewell

The girl accidentally fell into the 70-feet deep borewell at the IMT township just before midnight Wednesday, sparking a major rescue operation involving the army and civilian agencies. 
The first confirmation of her death came to IANS Sunday from Chief Medical Officer Praveen Garg of the Civil Hospital here.
A short time later, Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner P.C. Meena too confirmed that the girl was dead before she was taken out of the borewell and rushed to the ESI Hospital in Manesar town.
The news shattered the thousands of people who had gathered outside the hospital and at the site of the borewell for days, hoping and praying that the girl would somehow survive.
The girl's mother broke down on hearing that her daughter was no more.
Video courtesy: NDTV

 When soldiers digging through Thursday and Friday hit rocky patches, officials decided to rope in the Rapid Metro as well as Delhi Metro, both of which have specialized digging equipment.
According to Gurgaon police, a four-year-old boy had similarly fallen into a deep borewell in the same area Feb 26, 2004. But he was rescued, thanks to the initiative of a police officer, Usman Ali.

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