Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Teen held for creating fake Facebook profile of Rahul Gandhi

Narayangarh (Har)/ Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh police arrested on Sunday a boy who allegedly had created a fake profile of Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on social networking site Facebook last August.
Ankit Saini, 19, was held from Narayangarh, Haryana, police said. According to the police, spokesperson of Bhopal District Rural Congress Pankaj Chaturvedi had lodged a complaint in this regard with the cyber crime cell of the MP Police on Aug 8.
Cyber crime cell incharge Rajendra Kumar Mishra confirmed the arrest. However, Narayangarh police is not disclosing the facts to throw light on the progress of this case.
The fake profile of Rahul Gandhi was being used to flirt with girls on Facebook, police said.
The case came to light when a Congress party's woman leader came in contact with the 'fake' Rahul Gandhi through her Facebook account.

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