Monday, November 14, 2011

"My favourite actor is Mohanlal, I wished to act with Prithviraj": Santosh Pandit

With the resounding success of “Radhayum Krishnanum”, Santhosh Pandit has become very busy. Channels after channels carry his talk shows and interviews.
 The print media is full of his news. He is wanted for inaugural ceremonies everywhere. Some traders are not satisfied with Mohanlal or Mammootty; they want only Santhosh for their inauguration. 
This has become the trend. Santhosh Pandit attracts people. And the shop which he inaugurates becomes famous.
 Then there are others who catch every word uttered by Santhosh in their mobile cameras and put them in the youtube; which again brings fame! As long as it is profitable, why bother if someone throws a rotten egg at you?

The other day, Santhosh Pandit had expressed his desire to act with Prithviraj. Is Prithvi his favourite star? Certainly not! The actor Santhosh likes the best is none other than the universal star Mohanlal. But he is not so greedy to think of acting with Mohanlal. Mohanlal’s “Chitram” is Santhosh’s favourite movie.


Can Santhosh produce a movie like that? Do not challenge him; he might do that!
Bollywood beauty queen Karina Kapoor is Santhosh’s favourite heroine. Did not “Krishnanum Radhayum” become a megahit and did it not make him rich? Now he can dream of making Kareena his heroine. But Santhosh does not open his mind! Besides Cinema, Santhosh likes cricket and Sachin Tendulkar is his favourite star. Is he planning to take a movie on cricket? Not now, anyway! Lagan and Chennai 600028 have already been made by others; so do not expect a movie on cricket from him for sometime.

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