Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When words can’t express

When words  can’t expressAn annoyed programmer trying to express emotions through text messaging decided to tweak the software a little to enable smileys on his Apple gadget. These graphic characters known as emojis or emojicons are inspired by the Japanese culture and have now become quite a craze. Though these smileys are limited to relevant Japanese themes and images, they are available in a variety of images and are quite narrative too!
“Emojis are quiet different from the usual emoticons that we have been using since the birth of texting and prompt an immediate response,” says Rohit Ayyagari, an entrepreneur.
However, there are points to look out for. “An emojicon app on my iPad wouldn’t be of much use as expressing emotions takes a lot of textual content,” says Udit Joshi. Basant Jain, a businessman, who uses an iPhone as well as a BB, points out, “There are settings that need your attention if you want to communicate with emojis.” So unless you have your favourite emojis, it won’t really speed things up, except to express something special at times.

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