Wednesday, December 14, 2011

26/11: Ram Gopal Varma’s next movie

26/11: RGV's next movieRam Gopal Varma’s next film will be based on the 26/11 attacks.
Three years back when the director was spotted visiting the Taj with then CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and his son Reitesh, Deshmukh was forced to resign as people were appalled that he took Varma along to see the devastation just so that the director could gather research material for his film on the subject.
Varma, then, strongly denied that he wanted to do a film on the subject. But now he admits that his latest film is tentatively titled 26/11.
The story of the attacks will be told from the perspective of a man who inadvertently transported the terrorists on a trawler to Mumbai.
“It will be a realistic depiction of the dreaded attack, but will also focus on the man who ferries these terrorists into Mumbai and how he reacts after he discovers that his passengers were actually terrorists after seeing their pictures on the news the next day,” says Varma.

26/11 will be an action flick based on a book Kasab the Face of 26/11 written by Rommel Rodrigues. The author will be assisting Varma in the film. Both Rodrigues and Varma have met a couple of times and had detailed discussions on the script.
“I have also spoken to lots of cops and victims of the attack as part of my research,’ says Varma. Reitesh Deshmukh is not a part of this project and the star-cast will consist of newcomers.

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